Connecting the Capital Web Forum Series

Financial capital is a critical component of creating healthier, equitable communities, in California. At a time when public and philanthropic resources are more constrained than ever, communities need long-term strategies and access to a wide range of financial resources to create sustainable change.

Social impact investing is a source of financial capital that has successfully been deployed in low- and moderate-income communities nationwide. Despite a great need, many communities have not been able to access impact investment capital because they are not aware of this resource, how to identify the sources of this capital, how financing differs from funding and how to utilize the appropriate type of capital for each of their different goals in a broad and comprehensive community building strategy.

In partnership with California Convergence, CA4Health is offering a series of monthly web forums that focus on supporting community partners to learn the basics of social impact investment capital and how they can access different types of capital to help develop and support healthy communities. This series is intended for representatives of grassroots communities/organizations, or partner institutions who have little to no knowledge of finance or investing. While they are best experienced as a full series, we recommend attending as many as possible with the cohort!


About the Trainer:

Christa Velasquez is a consultant with The Giving Practice, the consulting arm of Philanthropy Northwest. As a recognized leader in the impact investing field, she advises foundations on impact investing strategies and program design including overall portfolio construction, strategies specific to asset class or issue area as well as individual transactions. She also works with impact investment fund managers on all aspects of investment programs (strategy, policies and procedures, pipeline development, impact measurement) to ensure that both financial and social objectives are achieved.

In addition to her consulting, Christa is also a lecturer at the University of Chicago where she teaches courses on the business of nonprofits and the evolving social sector.


Social Impact Capital Training 101:  Review of key concepts.

In July 2015 California Convergence convened community leaders and allies from across California for a half-day training around Social Impact Capital. If you were not able to attend, or need a refresher, this session is intended to get everyone up to speed to dive deep into subsequent capital discussions.

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Community development financial institutions (CDFIs):  Critical partners for comprehensive community building.

Hear from CDFI’s in California about their portfolios and ways these institutions can support investments to build healthy communities.

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Hybrid models:  Beyond the 501(c) 3 structure.

Learn about how blended funding models can support non-profit work in communities.

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B – Lab, B Corporations

Pay for Success:  A new way of financing preventative care.

An overview of Pay for Success models including Social Impact Bonds and other ways to build social ROI into investment opportunities.

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Collective Roadmapping:  Brainstorm your ideas.

Hear and share emerging opportunities across our cohort for implementation of our session learnings in California communities.

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